The 5 best frisbees for dogs


Choose the Best Frisbee for Your Dog-Fun and Durable Frisbees for Fetching Fun

If you’re looking for an exciting way to interact with your furry friend, frisbee is an excellent choice! Not only does it provide quality playtime, but it also helps keep their minds and bodies active. But purchasing the right frisbee for your pup can be confusing. With all the different sizes, shapes and materials available on the market today, how do you know which disc will offer the most fun while meeting all of your dog’s needs? To help take some of the guesswork out of shopping for a new flying disc toy, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best-reviewed options available today. Keep reading to see our picks…

Safety First

When choosing a frisbee for your dog, safety should be the number one priority. Look for discs made from soft materials that won’t hurt your pup’s mouth, and those that are flexible and lightweight to reduce the chance of injury. It’s also important to opt for a disc that is designed with a non-toxic coating to protect your pet’s delicate skin.

Durable Materials

When it comes to frisbees for your pup, durability is key. Look for discs made from strong, durable materials that can withstand your pup’s rigorous playtime routine. The best discs are made from a combination of materials, like rubber, plastic, and fabric, that can stand up to your pup’s rough and tumble playing style.

Easy to Throw and Catch

When choosing a frisbee for your pup, you’ll want to pick one that is easy to throw and catch. Look for discs that are designed with an aerodynamic shape and large surface area to provide optimum flying performance. The best frisbees also have a soft edge that helps to improve grip and accuracy when throwing and catching.

Key points: what to consider before choosing a frisbee for dogs?

  • Material : always choose a Frisbee that has been specially manufactured to play with dogs and whose material is of quality, resistant, but at the same time delicate with the teeth of our dogs, as well as being non-toxic.
  • Soft or hard Frisbee? : Soft Frisbees are made of flexible materials that are gentle on dogs’ teeth, and are ideal for fun play or to start your furry on the Disc Dog. The hard, or rigid, are heavier, and glide much better, so they are the most suitable for those who are serious about this sport.
  • Flight quality : the distance and flight quality of a frisbee are directly related to whether it is a hard or soft disk. If it is rigid it will fly long distances and glide beautifully; if on the contrary it is soft, it will not fly so far, but it will be more suitable for inexperienced dogs.
  • Color : it is convenient that the frisbee you choose has a color that is striking, so that it is easier for you to locate it in case your dog does not catch it and falls in an area where there is grass or weeds.
  • Grip : it is essential that the chosen frisbee is comfortable for your dog and is easy for him to grip and transport in his mouth. For this reason, it must be suitable for its size, be light, not slip, and have a curved edge, if possible.

The KONG Flyer is one of the most popular frisbees for dogs, and this is so because of its great quality, as dogs love it thanks to its soft grip, which makes it very comfortable when they carry it in their mouth .

It is made with KONG’s exclusive natural rubber, which despite being flexible is very resistant. It is a disc, also quite light, and also delicate with the teeth of our canine companions, so they will not hurt themselves when catching it.

On the other hand, it offers a dynamic bounce that will allow your dog to catch it even if it has escaped on the first launch.

This fantastic  flying disc for dogs from KONG  is available in three different versions, so there is a model for your dog, whatever it may be:

  • KONG Classic Flyer : It is 23 cm in diameter and made from KONG’s classic red rubber, and is suitable for adult dogs.
  • KONG Extreme Flyer : It is 23 cm in diameter and is made with Extreme rubber, which is black in color and is even more resistant and durable than red. It is indicated for large dogs with a strong complexion, as well as for those with a powerful bite.
  • KONG Puppy Flyer : It has 17.5 cm in diameter and is made with a softer rubber, being a frisbee specially designed for puppies.

The  Frisbee KONG for dogs  is a toy designed to be thrown and caught and returned by your dog, not to be used as a chew toy: keep in mind that, if you leave it to your dog and allow him to constantly chew on it, it could end up breaking it.

Great Value for Money Frisbee for Dogs | IMK9 Pets

The IMK9 Pets disc for dogs has an excellent value for money, since, despite the fact that this is a very affordable product, it has a series of qualities that make it highly recommended.

One of the characteristics that make it stand out from other  flying discs for dogs is that its manufacturers have chosen to make it blue, a tone that is very visible to dogs.

And the fact is that, although other colors such as orange, yellow or red are very striking for humans, in reality dogs do not distinguish them very well, especially if they fall on a grassy area. However, they see blue perfectly.

In addition to this, thanks to its aerodynamic design it will be easier for you to launch it and achieve a longer flight, even if you do not have much strength in your arm. This is achieved thanks to the grooves it has, which make it glide much better. On the other hand, it is made with natural rubber, which is very light and flexible, and will not damage your dog’s teeth.

The  cheap frisbee for dogs  from IMK9 Pets has a diameter of 22 cm and is very resistant. In addition, the manufacturer offers a guarantee against bites, which means that if your dog breaks it, they will refund your money or send you a new frisbee for free.

Flying disc for dogs made of nylon and that floats on water | Chuckit! Paraflight

Chuckit’s Paraflight!  It is a toy that, although you can use it every month of the year, it will be especially good for you during the summer, since it is a  frisbee for dogs that floats in water , so it is ideal to play with your dog near a river, a lake, the beach or the swimming pool, so that you can take a good dip when you go looking for it.

This buoyancy is achieved because the thick frisbee is made of nylon, and has a low-density rubber edge surrounding it; materials that are soft and delicate with the dog’s teeth, to ensure that no damage is done when catching it.

Although the rubber edge is quite soft, the canvas in the inner area is really resistant, and, in addition, it has the advantage that it has a kind of parachute effect, so this frisbee falls in a more delicate way than others, avoiding possible blows.

But without a doubt the star characteristic of this  flying disc for dogs  is its ability to float; something that undoubtedly makes it a very attractive toy to play with your dog on the beach or near a lake, for example, especially if your furry is one of those who loves to get into the water and swim at the slightest opportunity.

The  floating nylon frisbee for dogs  Chuckit! Paraflight is available in two sizes: the small one has a diameter of 16.5 cm and the large one 24.5 cm, and you can buy it in two striking colors.

Frisbee with light for dogs | Nite Ize Dog Discussion

Sometimes, especially during the winter months, we have no choice but to go out with our dogs after dark. If this is your case and you do not want the darkness to prevent you and your dog from having fun together, this  frisbee with LED light for dogs  will not come to you.

It is a flying disc made of a resistant plastic, but gentle on your dog’s teeth. The frisbee is transparent, and it lights up in different colors thanks to its powerful integrated LED, which shines brightly in different colors, so you will never lose sight of it, neither you nor your dog.

The LED is integrated in the central area of ​​the frisbee, it is turned on and off with a switch, and it has an absolutely safe cover for your dog, so you do not have to be afraid that the LED or the battery could bite. The Frisbee is powered by two included, easily replaceable 3V CR2016 lithium batteries and gives you about 20 hours of playing time.

Professional and Competition Quality Frisbee for Dogs (Disc Dog) | Hyperflite Jawz X-Comp

If you and your dog are big fans of Frisbee and play at a professional level, the Jawz X-Comp may be just what you need, as it is a  professional quality Frisbee for dogs : it is in fact suitable for participating in competitions by  Disc Dog .

The  Jawz X-Comp  is a frisbee manufactured by  Hyperflite , an American company specialized in the manufacture of high performance flying discs, both for dog competitions and recreational use, and it is really durable and resistant to dog teeth.

Thanks to its aerodynamic design, this  professional frisbee for dogs  is capable of flying long distances. In addition, it is made with the exclusive X-Flash anti-reflection technology, which prevents dogs from being dazzled if the sun reflects off the polished surface of the disc, a problem that, when it occurs, often results in the dog not being able to catch it.

Another of its advantages is that its surface does not retain dirt or grit, something that can end up damaging the teeth of our canine companions.

Buying guide: what to consider when buying a frisbee for dogs and how to play with it properly

The frisbee is, with the permission of the ball, one of the most popular dog toys: who has not ever seen the image of a dog nimbly catching a frisbee in flight? Known as the  Disc Dog , this game can be very helpful in getting more active dogs to run, jump and improve their reflexes, while also releasing stress and expending excess energy.

It is also a game that requires close collaboration and coordination between humans and dogs, so, well executed, it is excellent for reinforcing the bond between the two and having a good time together, having fun.

In this buying guide we are going to talk about the activity of  playing Frisbee with a dog . We will see what its benefits and contraindications are, and I will give you some guidelines so that you can play correctly with your dog and know how to choose the most suitable flying disc for you.

Can all dogs play with a frisbee?

In principle, it is a game that dogs of all kinds could play, as long as they are in good health and do not have joint problems. However, there  are certain breeds that do not like this type of activity too much , as it is quite physically demanding.

If your canine companion belongs to a breed that has short legs, and whose spine is rather elongated, as is the case with dachshunds or basset hounds, for example, playing with a frisbee is not very convenient.

Similarly, breeds prone to canine hip dysplasia , such as Labradors or German Shepherds, should practice this exercise very sparingly.

“Dogs of breeds with short legs and long spines don’t really want to play with a frisbee; likewise, dogs of breeds prone to hip dysplasia should play in moderation. “

It is also not advisable to practice the Disc Dog with a puppy, since it is not advisable for dogs to jump or do very explosive exercises when they are in the growth phase, while their bone structure and muscles are not yet fully developed.

You can, however, begin to familiarize him with the frisbee, but instead of throwing it so that it catches it in the air, you can roll it on the ground, or throw it very close, so that it learns to catch it.

In any case, being as it is a game that requires a physical activity of considerable impact, it is recommended that, before starting to practice it seriously with your dog, you pay a visit to your veterinarian, to make sure that there is no physical impediment to let him play.

In fact, if you want to practice this activity more seriously, and are even considering participating in competitions, it is essential that you give your dog x-rays of the hips, spine and shoulders.

Types of frisbees for dogs

Basically, we can find two types of  frisbees for dogs : hard (rigid) and soft (flexible). Both types are perfectly valid, and they will serve you to play with your dog, but both have their advantages and disadvantages, which you must assess to choose the most suitable type of frisbee for your furry and for you. Let’s see them.

Soft Frisbees for Dogs

These  discs for dogs  are usually made of flexible materials, such as semi-rigid rubbers, or fabrics such as nylon. In the latter case, the most normal thing is that they have a flange or ring on the outside, made of flexible rubber, to give them more weight and stability.

The biggest drawback of this type of frisbee is that, being softer and lighter, they are not capable of flying such long distances, or gliding as long and as well as rigid frisbees, so they are not the most suitable for who take this activity very seriously, or even participate in competitions with their dog.

“Soft Frisbees are made with flexible materials and are ideal if you just want to have fun with your dog, or also if you want to introduce him to the sport of Disc Dog.”

However, if you are simply looking to have a fun time playing with your dog, without further ado, a flexible frisbee may be the best suited for this: on the one hand, many of them fold very easily, which makes them very comfortable to transport. inside a bag or pocket.

On the other hand, being softer and lighter, they are more delicate with your furry’s teeth, and if you accidentally hit him with it when throwing it, you will not hurt him. In addition, some models even float in the water, so they give you the possibility to play in areas such as beaches or lakes, and your dog will have a great time taking a dip when he goes to retrieve his Frisbee.

Finally, if you want to start your dog in the sport of Disc Dog, and then practice it seriously, flexible Frisbees are the best option to start training him and, once he masters the technique, you can move on to a rigid one.

Hard Frisbees for Dogs

The  frisbees rigid for dogs  are made with heavier and hard materials, although they are not completely inflexible.

This makes them fly longer distances than the soft models, and they glide much better, so they are more suitable for those who are serious about Disc Dog, since they result in the dog having to do longer races and that he can also jump and do those spectacular turns in the air that we see sometimes.

“Rigid Frisbees are not totally inflexible, but they are made of heavier and harder materials, which makes them glide much better than soft ones, so they are best suited for those who are serious about Disc Dog.”

As a disadvantage, being more rigid, and if you and your dog are inexperienced in this game, there is a risk that a tooth will be damaged when catching it, or that, if you do not throw it with the necessary precision, you could hit your partner. canine on the face or body.

If you are going to play with a rigid Frisbee, it is convenient that you get a quality one, and that both you and your dog know very well what you are doing: you must acquire a good technique to throw it correctly, and, in the same way, your dog you must know very well how to catch it without hurting yourself. For this reason, you should practice with a more flexible Frisbee first.

What characteristics should a good frisbee for dogs have?

If you have decided to start practicing the Disc Dog with your dog, and you are looking for the ideal frisbee for him, these are some characteristics that you should take into account.

Frisbee material

The material a frisbee is made of has a direct effect on how it flies and glides, how durable it is, and in other ways, such as whether or not it floats in water.

This is something that you should value but, whatever type of frisbee you choose, the main thing is that the material used in its manufacture is of quality, and that, although it is resistant, it is delicate with the teeth of our canine companions, in addition to that is not toxic.

“The material a frisbee is made of directly affects how it flies and glides, as well as having a direct bearing on how durable it is.”

That is why  you should never use a Frisbee that is not specially made to play with dogs : do not play with your dog with a Frisbee designed for humans, since they do not usually meet the requirements that we have seen in this section, as they are not designed for mouths. of our furry ones.

If you are going to play with your dog in an area where there is water, be it the beach, the shore of a lake, a river, etc., look for a Frisbee made with a material that allows it to float.

Frisbee flight quality

If you are looking for a Frisbee that allows you to practice Disc Dog with your dog in a serious way, it is important that you choose one capable of flying long distances and planning well. In this case, opt for a rigid one and, if possible, of professional quality, designed to be used even in competitions, such as the  Hyperflite Jawz X-Comp .

If this is not your case, and all you are looking for is a frisbee that allows you to play and have fun with your dog, you can opt for a more flexible one, made of rubber or fabric, but still, it is important that you choose one capable of flying and plan acceptably. To do this, you should look for one that is light enough and has an aerodynamic design.

Frisbee color

Surely this aspect will not matter much to your dog, but it is convenient that the frisbee you choose has a striking color, which makes it easy for you to locate if your dog does not catch it and falls there.

“It is a good idea to choose a frisbee that has a striking color, so that if your dog does not catch it and gets lost, it is easy for you to locate.”

If, for example, you are playing in a place where there is grass and the Frisbee is green, it will be quite difficult for you to see it, but if it is blue, red, or bright orange, however, it will immediately catch your attention.

If you’re going to play at a time when it’s starting to get dark, you might consider buying a frisbee with a light. That way, both you and your dog will see it perfectly.

Comfortable to hold for the dog

A good frisbee should also be comfortable for your dog, and be easy for him to hold and carry in his mouth. For this, it must be appropriate to its size, and be light, in addition to not slipping.

Flexible ones are generally more comfortable to wear, but a stiff frisbee that’s the right size and isn’t heavy shouldn’t be too much of a problem, especially if it has a curved lip, which makes it much easier to grip.

How to Play Frisbee with Your Dog Correctly

Although there are dogs that seem to be made to play this game and will learn to catch a frisbee in the air quickly, this is not always the case, far from it, so you will most likely have to take some time to make him understand what this new game consists of, and teach you how to do it correctly. Let’s look at some tips.

First things first: learn to throw the frisbee correctly

Yes, Disc Dog is a game that requires two participants to play it: you and your dog. That is why it is highly recommended that, before you start teaching your furry how to play, you know how to throw the frisbee correctly.

To get a certain skill in throwing the frisbee, I would recommend that you first practice with the help of another human, throwing the puck at each other, until you reach a good technique.

“Playing with a frisbee is a matter of two: you and your dog; that is why it is essential that before teaching your furry to play, you know how to throw the puck correctly. “

To begin, hold the frisbee correctly: for this the thumb must be on the top, the index finger against the edge, and the rest of the fingers on the bottom.

Another important issue is your posture when pitching. Bring your right foot forward (if you are right-handed) or your left foot (if you’re left-handed). Your feet should be wide apart and at a 90 degree angle.

As for the arm with which you are going to throw the frisbee, raise it approximately to the level of your chest and flex the elbow, slightly bending the wrist in the direction of your body while holding the puck.

Aim at your target (in this case it would be the person who is playing with you), stretch your arm quickly, and when it is almost fully extended, turn your wrist and release the frisbee in the direction of your friend.

Little by little you will acquire a good technique, and you will learn to aim and use the necessary force to launch it correctly in the direction you want.

How to teach your dog to play frisbee

Now that you have acquired a good technique in throwing the frisbee, it is time to teach your dog to practice this fun game. Let’s see some guidelines to follow to get him to learn correctly.

  • It is normal that your dog does not know what exactly that new album that you are showing him is for, so you will have to be the one who takes care of awakening his interest and little by little make him understand what the game consists of.
  • If your dog is curious, he may show interest in his new toy, but if not, the first thing you should do is get him to associate the frisbee with something positive. To achieve this, you can use it as a tray to serve him his food for a few days, or something that he likes a lot: for example, a sausage made into pieces. Let him smell it, and pick it up as he likes.
  • Once you’ve made a positive association with Frisbee, you can start playing with your dog by using it indoors. Offer it to him and when he catches it, play with him to pull gently, allowing him to stay with him after a while.

“To get your dog to be an expert at catching the Frisbee you must teach him to play correctly, for which you must have a little patience, and follow a series of simple guidelines.”

  • It is important that your dog knows how to let go of the frisbee. To do this, once he has it in his mouth, say something like “let go” and offer him a treat, which you will give him as soon as he has released the frisbee.
  • The next step may be to roll the frisbee on the ground, like a wheel, and allow your dog to catch it and return it to you. If you already know how to play ball, you have a point in your favor as you will quickly understand the dynamics of fetching and returning the frisbee.
  • Afterwards, you can start throwing it from very close, so that it is very easy for him to catch without jumping. If your dog catches the puck in midair, praise him profusely. Be careful, though, not to hit him with the puck when you do this.
  • For a few days you can play with your dog indoors, alternating rolling the Frisbee with these short-distance throws, not forgetting to congratulate him whenever he catches the puck. Then you can start doing it outside, in an area that is quiet and safe. Throw the frisbee at your dog, and gradually complicate the difficulty and the distance, until he has mastered the game.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about frisbees for dogs

Can I use a people frisbee to play with my dog?

It is not recommended, since Frisbees for people are usually made of hard materials, which can hurt dogs in the mouth, or even break a tooth. If you want to play with your furry, look for a frisbee specially designed for dogs, with suitable materials, so that it is gentle with their teeth and provides a comfortable grip.

Is it better to choose a hard or soft dog frisbee?

Choosing a hard or soft Frisbee will depend on what your dog is like and how you are going to play with him. Hard drives are stiffer and heavier than soft drives, which makes them fly longer distances, but they have the downside that your dog could get hurt by being caught, or by accidentally hitting them with it. On the other hand, the soft discs fly less distances, but they are much more delicate with the teeth of our furry dogs.

It is advisable to use hard frisbees only if both you and your dog are experts in the game (for example, if you participate in competitions). If you simply want a frisbee to play with from time to time and have fun with your dog, it is best to opt for a soft one.

What is the Disc Dog?

Disc Dog is a canine sport that involves a human throwing a frisbee at a dog, who must catch it in the air. Anyone can start with their dog in this activity, simply to have a good time together, although there are official competitions dedicated to Disc Dog, aimed at those dogs (and their human companions) who practice this fun sport more seriously.

Can playing frisbee hurt my dog?

Although, in principle, any dog ​​in good health could play with a Frisbee, there are some breeds for which this game is not recommended, due to its constitution. They are, above all, those breeds with short legs and long spines, such as dachshunds or basset hounds, which could be injured when jumping to catch the discus.

On the other hand, dogs prone to hip dysplasia, such as the German Shepherd or the Labrador, for example, should play in moderation. It is always advisable to get a vet checkup before playing Frisbee with your dog.

And so far our review of  the best frisbees for dogs  that we can find on the market today. I hope I have helped you get to know this game a little better and choose the frisbee that best suits your dog’s needs.