The 4 Best dog-proof trash bins for home

Keep Your Home Clean and Odor-Free with Dog-Proof Trash Bins. In this post we will see  the best dog-proof garbage cans.

Durable Construction

Dog-proof trash bins are designed to be as durable as possible so you can keep your home clean and odor-free. Our trash bins are constructed with heavy-duty materials that are designed to withstand scratching and gnawing from dogs. The lids are tightly sealed to ensure that no odors can escape, and the tight fit also prevents dogs from getting into the bin and making a mess.

Easy to Clean

Our dog-proof trash bins are also easy to clean and maintain. The bins are made with smooth surfaces, so you can quickly wipe them down without any hassle. The lids are also easy to remove, so you can access the inside of the bin and get rid of any odors or messes caused by your dog.

Odor-Proof Design

Our dog-proof trash bins are designed with a special odor-proof system that helps to keep your home free from unpleasant smells. The lid is tightly sealed, so odors are not able to escape, and the tight fit also prevents dogs from getting into the bin and making a mess. Additionally, the bins are made with materials that are able to absorb odors, so any aromas that may be present in the bin are quickly and effectively eliminated.

Key points: what to keep in mind before choosing an anti-dog trash can?

  • Material : choose a garbage can made of a resistant material, that your dog cannot easily break. The most appropriate thing is to discard those made of plastic and get a metal one, since, in addition to being more resistant, they weigh more, so it will be difficult for your dog to move or overturn it.
  • Size : keep in mind that the larger the trash can you buy, the heavier and more stable it will be, so your dog will find it more difficult to move or throw it away. In any case, you should always take into account the space you have when deciding on one size or another.
  • Opening mechanism : it is recommended that the trash bin chosen has an opening mechanism that is difficult for your dog to operate. Some of the most common and effective opening systems are those that are operated by a pedal, or those that have motion sensors.
  • Lid : it is essential that the garbage can you choose has a lid that is resistant and is closed as tightly as possible, so that it is impossible for your dog to open it. In addition, a lid will prevent the smell from coming out, and the temptation will be less for your furry.
  • Non-slip : it is advisable that you choose a garbage can that has some type of non-slip material at the bottom, so that in this way it does not slip and your dog finds it difficult to move it from its place, or to overturn it.

Metal and pedal anti dog trash can | Amazon Basics

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This AmazonBasics pedal trash can will be very difficult for your dog to open , unless he learns to step on the pedal, since that is the only way to lift its lid, which is closed quite tightly.

It is a very resistant and robust cube, with an elegant design, which will look great in your kitchen. Its exterior has a black painted iron coating, and has an anti-fingerprint and anti-stain finish, while inside it has a very durable plastic bucket, which is removable, to facilitate cleaning.

As for the lid, it is opened by pressing a pedal, and it has a very quiet and soft closing system. If necessary you can leave it open and fixed, thus facilitating the task when you need to change the bag. At the bottom it has non-slip rubber pads, which make the cube does not move from its place while you are using it. Who should buy the Amazon Basics Pedal Trash Can? Anyone looking for a high-quality trash can that resists your dog’s attempts to open it, and has an elegant and classic design.


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Like the rubbish bin we saw in the previous point, this one from SONGMICS also has a pedal-operated opening mechanism, but in this case it is a dog-proof recycling bin , which contains three independent compartments and which, therefore, they will allow us to separate the different types of garbage.

The exterior surface of this excellent trash can is made of steel and is available in four different finishes. Inside it has three removable plastic buckets with handles, each of which has a capacity of 15 liters.

The bucket has three covers made of resistant ABS plastic, each one of which opens when the corresponding pedal is pressed, and they close automatically, and smoothly, when the pedal is stopped, being hermetically closed; Thanks to this, bad smells are prevented from coming out, as well as preventing your dog from opening them.

Who should buy the SONGMICS trash can? Whoever wants to get a high quality recycling bin, with three different compartments and whose lids are hermetically closed to prevent their dog from being able to open them.

Automatic trash can with motion sensor | Amazon Basics

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This automatic dog-proof trash can from AmazonBasics is really comfortable and functional, and will prevent your dog from accessing the trash, since it has a delayed motion sensor technology that prevents accidental (or not so accidental) opening by part of our furry ones, or also of small children.

In addition, for more security, if you leave home you can deactivate the automatic function, by means of a switch on the back: that way your dog will find it completely impossible to open the lid.

This practical cube works with two alkaline batteries of size C (which are included), and the opening and closing of its lid are activated automatically by passing your hand over the sensor in the upper area of ​​the cube. The lid has a soft closing function, and once closed it remains fixed, preventing the exit of bad odors.

The design of the cube is very elegant and modern. It is made of stainless steel; it is resistant to fingerprints and stains; and has a removable inner liner that keeps the edges of the garbage bag hidden and in place.

Who should buy the Amazon Basics trash can? Whoever is looking for an automatic garbage can that has a delayed motion sensor, to prevent a dog from opening it.

Removable garbage cans to install in a piece of furniture | Wesco

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An infallible way to prevent your dog from having access to the garbage is to get some removable garbage cans like these from Wesco , which are designed to be installed inside a kitchen cabinet (for example, in the module that is under the sink).

These trash cans include a frame that is fixed to the floor of the furniture very easily, screwing it to the floor of the same, and, thanks to its ball guides with telescopic rails, you will only have to gently pull the containers to extract them completely, for what to throw away the garbage will be very easy and comfortable for you.

The structure of this practical anti-dog rubbish bin is made of aluminum, while both the containers themselves, as well as the lid, are made of high-quality and resistant plastic. Each of the containers has a capacity of 15 liters, which is suitable for the usual garbage bags.

Who should buy the Wesco Removable Trash Can? Whoever is looking for a garbage can that can be installed inside one of the kitchen modules, thus preventing your dog from accessing it, but which in turn can be completely removed to dispose of the garbage comfortably.

dog-proof trash can

This scene is probably familiar to you: you come home after a day’s work, and when you enter the kitchen you find that your dog has opened the garbage can, has scattered all its contents on the floor … and you go! know what you have eaten! For this reason, getting a dog-proof trash can is essential.

Throughout this buying guide we will see why it is a good idea to invest in a good anti-dog trash can , and we will talk about the factors that we must take into account when choosing one.

Why buying a dog-proof trash can is a good idea

It is a proven fact that all the dogs in the world love our garbage, and if they have access to it and we are not around to avoid it, I do not think there is any who can resist the temptation to rummage in the buckets, looking for Any other food, even if it’s spoiled and smells awful to us.

“Don’t make the mistake of underestimating your dog: however well-behaved he may be, it is in his nature to rummage through the garbage, and he will if he has the chance.”

We must never make the mistake of underestimating our furry, because, no matter how well educated he may be, it is in his nature to rummage through the garbage, since it is something that is part of his instinct: where we see something disgusting and smelly, They see an opportunity to have a snack, and it doesn’t matter if you are well fed and not hungry: you are not going to miss a chance to sink your teeth into whatever edible you come across.

Getting a good anti-dog trash can , therefore, is highly recommended, since, otherwise, we can have a series of problems, which can be more or less serious.

It will be easier for you to maintain good hygiene in your home (and in your dog)

This is an obvious point, especially for those who have had the dubious honor of having lived the experience of an attack by their dog in the garbage can.

And it is that our furry ones are not satisfied with opening the bucket and taking some rest of food, no: once they get to the point, they will use all their enthusiasm, and they will not stop until they have managed to remove all the contents of the bucket and spread it as much as possible possible, and not only for the kitchen, because they will probably take a particularly appetizing treat to their bed … or even yours, or the sofa.

“Our garbage is irresistible to the dogs and once they have opened the bin, they will not settle for picking up some leftover food, but they will most likely make a big mess by spreading the garbage all over the house.”

In short, a whole cleaning and disinfection session will await you, because many times the content of our garbage is not exactly very hygienic.

On the other hand, think that dogs have a very different opinion from us about what smells good or bad … unfortunately they love the way rotten things smell, and there is a good chance that there is something in your garbage that them like it so much that they decide to wallow in it, in order to be “perfumed”. Conclusion: you will have no choice but to give it a bath.

You will avoid possible dangers for your dog

It is clear that everything I told you in the previous point is not pleasant at all and, of course, it is not a pleasant dish to find such a mess at home and have to start cleaning your house and even your furry.

However, this is not the worst that can happen if your dog accesses the contents of your garbage can. Think that among your waste there are food remains that will surely be in bad condition; But there are also things that can pose a serious risk to your friend’s health.

“Having your dog access the garbage can will not only leave your house in a mess, but it can also be dangerous to his health.”

And it is that in our garbage there can be everything: chicken bones that we have eaten roasted that, when cooked, can splinter and cause damage to the digestive system; cans of preserves; pieces of glass; Food scraps that can be harmful to them, such as chocolate, coffee grounds, gum or candy, etc.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog-Proof Trash Can

In the market we can find countless garbage cans of all shapes and sizes. Let’s see what conditions they have to meet in order to keep our furry away from our garbage.


The first thing we have to look for when choosing a garbage can to be dog-proof , is that it is made of a material that cannot be easily broken. For this reason, in general it is best to avoid plastic and opt for a metal bucket, such as stainless steel, for example.

“The first thing you should look in a garbage can to be dog-proof is that the material it is made of is difficult to break. For this reason it is advisable to discard the plastic ones and get a metallic one. “

It will be impossible for your dog to break a metal trash can, but, in addition to this, metal is considerably heavier than plastic, so it will also be more difficult to topple it to get its contents.


The bigger the trash can you buy, the heavier and more stable it will be, and the more difficult it will be for your dog to move or dump it. Of course, when choosing a certain size you must take into account other factors, such as the site you have, or the amount of garbage that is produced in your house daily, because it is not advisable to keep the garbage for days, if it takes you a lot to fill the bag.


Of course, it goes without saying that the bucket you choose must have a lid, but not just any lid, because our dogs are very clever and can learn to open it. Make sure that the lid of the chosen bucket is sturdy and tightly closed so that it is impossible for your dog to open it using his mouth or a paw. In addition, a lid will prevent so much odor from coming out, so the bucket will not be so tempting for your dog.

Opening mechanism

It is important to consider what type of opening mechanism the chosen trash can has. Many of them are opened by operating a pedal: if you opt for this type of hub, make sure that the pedal is sturdy, and that the lid is not easy to open in any other way. No matter how smart your dog is, it is practically impossible for him to lift the lid by pressing the pedal.

“Look for a garbage can whose opening system is difficult for your dog to operate, to prevent him from opening it. Some of the most effective are pedal-operated or sensor-operated. “

Some garbage cans are more sophisticated and have a motion sensor that opens the lid, which is triggered by passing your hand over a specific point. If you decide on a bucket of this type, make sure that it has some mechanism that prevents accidental opening by a dog, and that you can deactivate the automatic function when you are not at home.

Non-slip bottom

Both for your comfort, and to make it difficult for your dog to easily move the garbage can, or to throw it away, it is convenient that you get one that has some type of non-slip material at the bottom, to prevent it from slipping and moving from your site.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about anti-dog trash cans

How do I know if I need a dog rubbish bin?

If you live with a dog, there is a good chance that you will need to get a dog-proof garbage can, since our waste is usually very attractive to them. If you notice that your furry goes to the garbage can as soon as you are not watching it, and tries to access its interior, bite it or throw it away, it is best that you choose to get a new anti-dog garbage can.

What type of garbage can is the most suitable if I have a dog?

In any house where a dog lives, it is advisable to have a garbage can that he cannot access. Of course, you should always have a lid and, whatever opening system you have (pedal or sensor), it is important that it closes hermetically and it is basically impossible for the dog to lift it.

It is also important that the trash can is made of a strong and heavy material, so it is highly recommended that it be made of metal (for example, stainless steel).

Why does my dog ​​like trash so much?

Dogs are scavengers and opportunists, and they will eat anything they find out there that is edible. Our garbage contains remains of our food that, even if they are not in very good condition, our furry animals find them irresistible, and they will try to access them, even if they are well fed and not hungry.

Sometimes, in addition to the irresistible and tempting “aroma” that our garbage cans give off, our dogs can attack them simply out of boredom or stress.

How can I prevent my dog ​​from accessing my current trash can?

If you already have a trash can and don’t feel like buying another, there are some things you can do to prevent your dog from digging through its contents. To begin with, you can place something on top of the lid of the bucket that is heavy enough that your dog cannot open it, but always being careful that it is not so heavy that it ends up breaking it.

Another solution may be to spray the bucket with some repellent for dogs , so that the smell it gives off is no longer attractive. Finally, it may be a good idea to change the location of the cube and, if possible, put it in a closed place, such as a module in your kitchen furniture, so that your friend cannot access it.

And so far our review of the best anti-dog garbage cans that we can currently find on the market. I hope I have been of help so that you can choose the one that is most convenient for you, and that prevents your canine companion from accessing your garbage.

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