Top 5 sports bags to buy in 2023

Top 5 sports bags to buy in 2023

Going to the gym and training can not only be a hobby or an activity to release stress and relax the body and mind a bit, but it can also be a profession and a constant practice. Regardless of your case, you will need the best sports bag, the one that suits your style, that allows you to carry all your accessories and sports equipment well organized and that is also durable, versatile and convenient.

We are going to explain everything you need to know to choose them, such as the sizes, materials they are made of, their characteristics and we are also going to offer you a guide to the best models available in the current market. Don’t keep waiting, come with us and buy the best gym bag now so that you can accompany your routines with the best possible equipment.

What is the best sports bag?

It is never easy to choose a product and even more so when you are so passionate about what you do and always want to have the best quality.

To help you we have created the following comparative list with the best 5 models available today. In it we have the most popular sports bags, the cheapest, the most luxurious and convenient and with the most resistant materials, from polyester and nylon to leather.

1. Helly Hansen sports bag

A great bag for great athletes

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This model comes in a size of 90 cm, which translates into a load capacity of 30 L. In addition, it can be purchased in different colors to satisfy even the most varied tastes.

On the outside it has a good quality zipper to access the pockets and internal compartments, it has reinforced seams, it comes with straps on the sides to carry by hand and a removable padded strap and it is water resistant.

2. Bag of Bago

Also serves as travel luggage

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We are talking about a 56 cm gym bag with two external pockets for you to store your belongings more comfortably, with 53 liters of capacity and just 600 grams of weight, so it is light, foldable and compact. It’s easy to store in any closet or locker, it’s sturdy, and it comes with a money-back guarantee. It is also multipurpose, since you can take it as hand luggage on airplanes or for any other purpose.

3. Bago 80L Travel Duffle Bag

You will not find a more convenient price

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comes with multiple compartments to help you organize your gear and clothing. It weighs just 340 grams and can carry 25 kg with a 48-liter capacity.

It also comes equipped with mesh to hold water bottles, is foldable, and comes with an accessory tote bag. It has an excellent guarantee and also includes a combination lock to protect your belongings.

4. Under Armor handbag

Excellent quality at a convenient price

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If you are looking for a stylish model and a great design, you have come to the ideal gym bag. We are talking about a unisex model in red made of 100% polyester and that also has a compact enough size to be able to carry it in the hand without problems.

It has external and side pockets with zip and another with mesh for water bottles, as well as padded straps and a durable and resistant bottom panel.

5. Nike Club Team Swoosh Hardcase duffle bag

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 it is certainly worth it for its excellent quality and performance.

It is a bag from the well-known brand Nike that has a size of 52 cm and separate compartments for shoes and so you can keep wet and dry clothes in different places. A nice feature is that the bottom of this bag is plastic and removable, so it can be easily cleaned.

Characteristics of a good sports bag

If you like to exercise but you also like to keep your style and the way you are and show it off all the time, then there are a number of things you have to check out before buying one of these convenient gym accessories. These handbags are not only that, but they are an extension of your personality.

Among the things you have to look for, we advise you to be very aware of storage capacity, functionality and, of course, style. Forget once and for all that mentality that a gym bag is nothing more than a gym bag and think of something more durable, versatile and stylish.

Storage space

This is really important, as no one likes not having enough space to store everything they need for their workouts. However, it is also not convenient to end up with a bag that is too large that loses versatility, comfort and functionality.

To give you a clearer idea, always look for a model with enough space for your water bottle, a pair of sneakers, a change of exercise clothes and your kit of deodorant, soap, rinse and other personal hygiene products. Other than that, remember that it should always be light, packable, and compact enough to fit inside your locker at your gym. This way you will avoid having a nice and elegant bag for the gym or boxing that is totally useless.


The functionality is also very relevant because it depends on this that you have everything well ordered and organized to avoid tangles or that you spend hours looking for your deodorant. It will also prevent your dirty clothes from ending up next to the clean one, which is terrible.

Another aspect that can be important, especially if you sweat a lot and end up with soaked clothes, is that the bag has a compartment for storing dirty clothes, which should be waterproof to keep your other clothes clean and dry at all times. This is also ideal for swimmers and water sports athletes.


The material you choose depends largely on how you use your gym bag and you can choose from several such as leather, nylon or canvas. Always remember that this is a feature that greatly affects the price of the backpack, so we advise you to review the specifications well and think about the exact use that you will give it.

  • Leather: many manufacturers claim to make leather bags when in fact they are made of artificial and synthetic materials that do not resemble it at all. However, they are a fairly common option among businessmen and executives who go from the office to the gym, and it is also the most expensive option. The point is that it is not recommended for people who wear wet clothes, such as swimmers.

The advantage is that many of the modern bags are water resistant or have well separated compartments, so it will be easy to keep wet clothes away from dry ones to avoid inconveniences and annoying smells inside the backpack. As for the exterior, it is important that it is resistant to scratches, screams and damages, that it repels water and that it maintains good quality over time. Cowhide is a good option.

  • Canvas – This is a favorite of many people who don’t want to pay as much for a leather bag. These models are actually made of cotton or linen fiber well woven to provide many years of constant use. We recommend looking for a model with a good weight that indicates higher quality.

It is also a material that is capable of receiving intense color dyes and that can also come with leather patches in high-wear areas or even with strips and handles of the same material.

  • Nylon: we are talking about one of the least expensive materials, which in addition to being very economical, can offer good durability, although never as much as leather or canvas models. The second biggest advantage of these multipurpose bags is that they always have the most fashionable and stylish designs and colors. For these reasons they are ideal for guys whose tastes will change within a year or two.


Backpacks for the gym can vary so much in size that there are models that are more like small handbags to those larger that reach the size of carry-on luggage that can be allowed on airplanes. If you are one of those who go to the gym little or who do not carry much equipment, then a small and low-priced model will be more than enough. On the contrary, if you go every day and carry very heavy things, then we recommend larger models.

You can also see gym bags that are much smaller and can be compressed. They are made of nylon with straps to carry on the back, they are very versatile and can easily fit in other bags.


If you want to carry a lot of things in your gym bag and also think that it is a model that you can use as travel luggage, it is good that you consider bags with wheels and a handle. However, if you are going to have to lift it several times, remember that these characteristics add a lot of weight to the bag.

They can also be very useful for older people in rehabilitation or if you spend a lot of time on public transport.


For many people, having two straps at the top of the bag may be more than enough to carry the bag with one hand, although other people prefer bags with a single long strap that allows them to carry it over the back and shoulders. However, there are also multipurpose models that come with two back straps to carry the bag like a backpack.

The type and quantity of strips will depend directly on your tastes, preferences and how you feel more comfortable carrying your bag for the gym or boxing.


You always have to consider the amount and type of objects that you will carry in your gym bag to know exactly how many compartments you require and how they should be. Among the existing variety, you can find models with 6 or 8 pockets for accessories that can be located both inside and outside the product. They can also be padded to give greater protection, with mesh, water resistant to keep your belongings always dry or even removable.

Remember that the more things you carry and the more delicate it is, the more important it will be to have several pockets that help you keep everything well separated.